Claim Management and Settlement Services

Successful claim settlement involves determining scope of damages and allowable unit cost with the Insurance Company's Adjuster.  This is best negotiated at the first meeting before a report is generated to the Carrier.  

Insurers and their representatives prefer our estimate be in the same software they use, Xactimate or Simsol.  It is easier to negotiate on a room by room and line item basis.

Thorough Inspection of Damages

Proper documentation

Proving cause is insurable event.

Experience with what Insurer has paid before.

Credible 3rd party experts with proven track records.

Advances and Living Expenses for the Insured.

A Philosophical Approach

An insurance policy has many buckets of money.  We choose our battles wisely and know how to structure the claim for maximum settlement in minimal time.  It is best to settle initially as supplemental claims can be time consuming and may require proof all of the initial claim funds have been exhausted before new monies are allowed.